Guidelines for Opening Masses

Beginning the weekend of May 30/31, we will be re-opening for Masses, in a limited way, for the celebration of Sacred Liturgy at OLPH Parish.  

We must follow Guidelines that have been prepared for the parishes in the Diocese of Kamloops.  The Guidelines will remain in force until further notice or changes by the Province allow or require revision.  The Guidelines must always observe the directives of the provincial health authority, especially regarding physical distancing and sanitizing.  They are not intended to be permanent but are a temporary response to the current coronavirus pandemic.  

There is currently a 50-person maximim for each given Mass (including priest and volunteers).  If you intend to attend a Mass, please contact the parish office indicating which Mass you wish to attend, the number of people attending and your contact information (email, phone, and mailing address).  

Please review the Protocol for Attending Mass in Respect of COVID-19 and Wellness Checklist prior to attending Mass.  

Just a reminder that all the faithful in the Diocese of Kamloops remain dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass during this initial re-opening phase.  See Resources for Live Streaming Masses.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Welcome to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish!

OLPH is a family rooted in Christ. Comprised of old and young, our family is striving to live our lives as disciples of Christ. Following the teachings of Christ, as handed on by His Church, we’re devoted to helping others come to know the goodness of the Lord. Whether short or long, we hope that your time with OLPH is a time of real encounter with the Lord. 

Fiat Voluntas Tua (Thy will be done)

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