Welcome to Our Lady Perpetual Help!

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, is beautifully located on approximately 15 acres at 635 Tranquille Road, Kamloops, BC. The Parish consists of 4 distinct buildings: The Church and Rectory; the Chancery Office; Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish Centre and Our Lady of Perpetual Help School. The Church and buildings are in the shape of a cross with the Church being the centre, the Chancery Office on the left hand side, closest to Poplar Street, and the Rectory/Parish Office on the right. 

We exist to know, experience, love, and live for Jesus and help others do the same.  

OLPH is a family rooted in Christ. Comprised of old and young, our family is striving to live our lives as disciples of Christ. Following the teachings of Christ, as handed on by His Church, we’re devoted to helping others come to know the goodness of the Lord. Whether short or long, we hope that your time with OLPH is a time of real encounter with the Lord.